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Connecting the Dots

Wow!  Its here! What’s here?  April.  April is here.  It always seemed like a rather humble, unassuming month.  But not here.  Not at FBC this year.   It is loud and proud and chock full.  We have many wonderful opportunities for all of us to be present to God, to one another, to our community, and to ourselves.  Indeed, it would be easy to get lost in the shuffle if not execution of all of it.  

First of all, it is Lent, and Holy Week will be the second full week of this month, with Easter being April 20.  But before that we have our 175th Anniversary on Sunday April 6, with a grand homecoming and dinner on the grounds.  And then on April 11-12 we will join Trinity Baptist and Second Baptist in hosting the Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Assembly here in Memphis, culminating in Dr. Suzii Paynter, Executive Coordinator of CBF, preaching at FBC on April 13.   Whew!  I’m tired already.  But each of these has something to teach us, by themselves, and as they stand beside one another.    

The themes are rich.  In Lent and Easter we have the themes of sacrifice and resurrection and new life.  In the TCBF assembly we have themes of community and missions.  In our anniversary, there are themes of faithfulness, foundation, and future.   What might we learn by connecting the dots?  Here are some thoughts/questions for reflection that have occurred to me.

How many sacrificed over and over again to give FBC these 175 years?   What types of sacrifice are required of us now as we lean into the future?

Jesus was not/is not a stagnant entity.  He grew and changed and adapted over time.  We see this clearly in his death and resurrection and ascension.  How do the challenges of today require us to change and adapt?  What do we need to let die, so that something else might be born?  What is God seeking to bring to life within us and through us even now?

Jesus did not operate alone.  He did what he did in community.  He came to create a community.  That being said, it was not a large community, and yet through that relatively small band of disciples, he changed the world.   Our main state and national affiliation is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  It is much smaller than the SBC.  What challenges are here?  What opportunities are here?  How can we work together and with other Christians as well as people of other faiths to have a maximum missional impact on our community and world?

We, as a church are also smaller than we once were, and thus our vision has changed over the years.  What opportunities and challenges does this offer us?  How can we maximize our missional impact?  What steps do we need to take, what sacrifices do we need to make, to make possible the next 175 years?   God is faithful.  How are we to be faithful to God, to our heritage, to one another, to our community?

Our faith teaches us that God is everywhere, and that God can use anything and everything to teach us and lead us and guide us and shape us.   We have a full and active month ahead of us, but let us not allow it merely to be busy, but rather rich as well.   Let us drink deeply from these wells.  Let us attend to what each moment has to teach us.  May we listen closely.   May we follow eagerly.  And so may we honor our Foundation by leaning into our Future.

Grace, David 

This article was written by Rev. Dr. David Breckenridge and originally published in the April edition of Together.

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 1:40 PM
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