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Happy 175!

Happy 175!

Well, Happy Birthday, First Baptist.   Didn’t know it was your birthday?  Well technically, not quite yet.  We’ll have to wait until April formally to light the candles and such.  But when you are celebrating 175 years…what’s a few months?  And since ours is truly a celebration of not just longevity, but perseverance and faithfulness, we’ve decided to not just make it a week, but an entire year of celebration.   You will be hearing much more about this in the near future.

But other than an excuse to have yet one more party, what do such anniversaries offer us?  How can they help us, today, to be more of the people of God we are called to be?

Well, it quite obviously offers us an opportunity to look back and remember and be challenged by the example of those that have come before us.  It offers us an opportunity to take stock of where we are.  It offers us an opportunity to see God’s faithfulness to this congregation, as well as the faithfulness of thousands through the generations.   But if all it offers us is a glimpse back, an assessment of what has been…then the real power of such an anniversary has been sadly missed.

History is wonderful, interesting, intriguing.  I love it.  I love museums, historical biographies, arrowheads…you name it.   But far too often, such emphases turn into nostalgia--a memorializing and idolizing of what was.  And lost in all such thought is the rather obvious truth that the best way one can be faithful to one’s history is not necessarily to preserve it, but to allow such a history to propel us into the future. 

Indeed, think of even recent saints—Warren Jordan, Henry and Margret Martin, Frances Marks, Dr. Caudill, etc, just to name a few.   These are some of the folks who made the history we will celebrate this year.   If given the choice, would they choose a tribute or a plaque, or would they choose you and me being fully engaged in outreach and missions and pastoral care?   

Indeed, the best way we honor our heritage is to allow it to challenge us to be faithful as well, to allow it to lead us to a commitment that says, the circle will not be broken with us.  With this in mind, the theme for our celebration will be “A Foundation…A Future.”   

One very special way we will be focusing on our future will be a Vision Process that you will be hearing more about as well.  How appropriate!  Don’t you think?  In this year of celebrating our heritage, we will also be fully engaged in clarifying who we are and where we are going. 

I encourage you even now to begin praying for this process and the leadership that will be guiding us through it.  The foundation has been laid.  God stands ready to lead us into the future.  What a grand thing it is to be a part of FBC!

Grace, David

Posted by Bridget Ellis at 8:43 AM
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