Welcome to the historic First Baptist Church of Memphis, serving Memphis and the Mid-South since 1839. Here you will find exciting ministries, mission opportunities, and vibrant worship. You will also find a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive congregation of Christian believers. We want to meet you, worship with you, challenge you to serve, and become your spiritual home and family.

Sunday Mornings:

9:30am Sunday School
11:00am Worship

Wednesday Evenings:

5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Bible Study

200 East Parkway North, Memphis, TN 38112 ⋅ Office: 901.454.1131


Infant 1 – Little Lambs

We do so many fun and entertaining things in the lamb’s classroom. We have a curriculum that consists of engaging activities for our infants. Some of those activities are reaching, grasping, rolling over and even baby yoga. We enjoy toys during our play times, reading books during story time and listening to soft music during rest time. All throughout the day, all the children’s individual needs are always met by the staff. We look forward to each day with these precious blessings.

Teachers: Ms. Shamekia Silas, Ms. Ophelia Savice.



200 East Parkway North, Memphis TN 38112
Office: 901.458.8212 ⋅ Facebook
School tours are only available by appointment